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M7  HARLEM 147 ST via 6 AV via AMSTERDAM

  1. 7 minutes,0.6 miles away Vehicle 6770
  1. 22 minutes,1.7 miles away Vehicle 3877
  1. 33 minutes,2.5 miles away Vehicle 6705

M11  RIVERBANK 145 ST via 10 AV

  1. 10 minutes,0.8 miles away, 24 passengers on vehicle Vehicle 9665
  1. 12 minutes,1.0 miles away Vehicle 4078
  1. 23 minutes,1.8 miles away, 34 passengers on vehicle Vehicle 9680

Service Alert:

  • Through Fall 2021 Northbound M5, M7 and M55 stop on 6th Ave at W 34th St is closed because of sidewalk construction Please use stops on 6th Ave at W 31st St or W 38th St.
  • Expect longer waits for this bus. See when the next bus will arrive at
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