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MTA Bus Time is a real-time bus tracking service that started out as a pilot on the B63 in Brooklyn and has been expanded to all bus routes in Staten Island, the Bronx, the B61 in Brooklyn, and the M34-SBS/M34A-SBS in Manhattan. GPS hardware wirelessly transmits bus locations to MTA Bus Time so you can use it to look up upcoming arrivals for your bus stop.

Check MTA Bus Time at the bus stop on your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone by visiting in your mobile web browser or by scanning a QR code at a bus stop. This is also an accessibility-friendly text-only version of MTA Bus Time.  

(You can also use MTA Bus Time via text message by sending a bus stop code OR intersection  TO: 511123.)

*Note: MTA Bus Time is free to use but your mobile carrier charges may apply.

With the mobile web & text-only version, you can find upcoming bus arrivals for your stop by searching:

You can bookmark your regular stops, or the entire route page to quickly find the location of buses and upcoming arrivals for your stop the next time you ride the bus.

By Your Smartphone's GPS

You can use the GPS functionality on your smartphone to search for stops near your current location. Select the Turn On link next to "Use My Location" at top. Your phone's browser may prompt you to permit Bus Time to use the phone's current location.

A Find Stops Near Me button will appear towards the bottom of the screen. Once your location is found, this button will be enabled.  Click on it to search for stops nearby.  The result is similar to a search by intersection.

By Intersection

Searching for an intersection returns a list of all bus stops near that intersection, with upcoming arrivals for each stop, if any. Service notices affecting a stop are shown in red above the list of arrivals. Clicking on any route name brings you to a page that shows all stops for the route.

You can also be more specific and search for an intersection and a route. All nearby stops to the intersection that serve the given route are returned.

By Route

Searching for a route returns all stops for a given route, by direction, with upcoming arrivals for each stop displayed next to the stop name. Clicking on any stop name brings you to the stop page, which shows routes and upcoming arrivals for that stop (as outlined in searching by stop code).

By Stop Code

Searching by stop code returns a list of all routes that serve that stop, along with upcoming arrivals for each route, if any. Service notices applicable to the stop are displayed in red above the list of routes and upcoming arrivals.

Clicking on a route name shows the list of stops for the entire route (by direction). Searching by bus stop code and route is the most precise way to find upcoming arrivals for your stop.

If you don't already know your stop's code, see Finding Your Bus Stop Code for more information.

By ZIP Code

You can also try searching by location, such as a ZIP code, address or point of interest such as "Eltingville Transit Center". Searching for a location such as a ZIP code returns a list of bus routes in the area. Select the route of interest to view real-time bus locations.

Additional Terms

Some common terminology you'll find when searching for your stop with Bus Time are:

Old data - bus location data shown is more than 2 minutes old (but not more than 5 minutes)

At terminal - a bus is at the bus terminal, check the bus route schedule for more information

No buses en-route - no buses are approaching this stop at this time

No scheduled bus service - service is not scheduled on the route planned for this stop at this time

No results found for your query - message may occur because:

Try Troubleshooting for more help.

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